Middle Fork Farm
599 State HWY 11 Laramie, Wyoming 82070

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Our family is honored to provide you with a high-quality product whether that is beef, pork, milk, eggs, or fresh produce year-around. We are located 30 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming in the beautiful Centennial Valley, on the Middle Fork River at the Deerwood Ranch.

Our cattle are bred, born, and fed right here at the ranch. We feel strongly about our production practices and feel the effort we put in produces an exceptional output. Our beef is not treated with hormones and is grazed on grass all year as well as supplemented with hay and fodder during the winter. Our beef packages are available for purchase by the whole, half, quarter, or eighth but depending on demand, we usually have individual bundles and cuts available.

Our pigs are raised here while being nourished on a corn mix and fodder. They are never treated with hormones. Our pork packages are available for purchase by the whole or half but depending on demand, we usually have individual bundles and cuts available.

The chickens that lay your eggs are never treated with hormones and receive a layer crumble and fodder throughout the day. They’re free to roam all day in their indoor/outdoor coop. Why not free-range you might ask, well, we have a large population of predators.

Milk! Yes, it’s fresh, non-pasteurized and the cream settles on top. Our dairy girls have grass hay in front of them all day long and get grain or fodder to help maintain their condition and keep your milk tasting consistently fresh. They keep their calf with them all year so they’re producing milk for you and raising their baby. At any given moment, they’ll come for a treat or pat on the neck.

Coming soon!! Vegetables year-round in Centennial, Wyoming! Our wood-burning furnace heats water which circulates through insulated pipes to transfer heat to our indoor growing space. Our grow-space includes hydroponic towers to produce varying vegetables all year. Much of the grow-space is filled with shelving racks that produce our fodder, which is fed daily to our animals.

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